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Inside Orbis Online

Our Mission:
To transform the traditional competitive bidding process into live, more powerful events worldwide.

Orbis Online is a provider of delivered, real-time procurement tools to businesses and government agencies throughout the world. Orbis Online currently deploys patent-pending electronic procurement technology facilitating global e-commerce. The market adoption rate of Orbis Online's solutions has been rapid and global with plaudits from customers that include the United States Air Force, State of Texas, City of San Antonio, Rush Enterprises, China Online, Singapore Technologies, Singapore Housing Authority and others.

Orbis Online offers a competitive bidding environment that enables businesses and government agencies to buy and sell in a comfortable online setting. Our patent-pending Internet platform is a neutral procurement solution that features "real-time" capabilities.

How are we different?

What makes Orbis Online's value proposition so unique is superior solution functionality combined with no up-front costs, no software or hardware installation, but with all of the benefits customers would receive if they had bought or developed their own in-house system. Orbis Online customers can efficiently conduct e-commerce with anyone, anywhere, regardless of technology system differences.

Orbis Online's clients are progressive and they all have one thing in common: an appetite for efficiency. Our e-solution platform provides clients with a revolutionary procurement that enables businesses and government agencies to reduce their costs for products and services by streamlining their procurement process. Utilizing Orbis Online's XML and DSML technology, clients may employ a Standard Reverse Auction, a Real-Time Reverse Auction or a Sealed Bid Reverse Auction. Buyers can request quotes from a host of potential suppliers and organize a central online location for all suppliers to bid simultaneously and compete for their business. By using our real-time capabilities, competitive bidding events can occur in real-time and can be viewed on any computer having Internet access. This solution affords businesses expanded access to a global supply community available at the touch of a button.

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