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San Antonio, Texas - February 25, 2003 -Allegheny County, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., has awarded Orbis Online a contract to conduct reverse auctions. The contract extends through October 31, 2004, with provisions for two one-year extensions.

Key to the selection was the extensive experience that Orbis Online has in providing a powerful technology platform and associated services for reverse auctions to other government agencies. Orbis Online has successfully served federal, state, county, and city governments by saving these entities significant amounts of money through the reverse auction process.

"Of the five reverse auction companies that we looked at, Orbis Online is an excellent selection for the County for two important reasons. They have significant business experience in working with local government, and they strived to understand and fulfill the special government purchasing needs for our county," said Thomas E. Youngs, Jr., C.P.M., Chief Purchasing Officer for Allegheny County.

Another factor in the decision to award Orbis Online is the synergistic partnership it shares with BidNet, the company which provides the supplier bid notification service for Allegheny County.

Allegheny County's Division of Purchasing and Supplies buys goods and services for a variety of agencies in the county. Youngs and his group hope to save a significant amount of money by using reverse auctions provided by Orbis Online.

"Orbis Online is working very closely with us to examine what contracts are coming up soon, and guide where we might first take advantage of the dynamic pricing that's created by the reverse auction process," said Youngs.

The contract with Allegheny County continues the momentum that Orbis Online has built with governments of all sizes. "Allegheny County has prior experience in using reverse auctions, and we are proud that they selected us for this contract," said Phil Huebner, Vice President of Operations at Orbis Online. "We will continue to further penetrate the government marketplace with our leading-edge technology and reverse-auction services."

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Orbis Online, Inc., offers powerful Java/XML technologies, and reverse auction and tactical sourcing services, customized to benefit buyers and suppliers throughout the world. Many world-class companies and large governmental agencies benefit from contractual relationships with Orbis Online, whose technology and services achieve true market pricing and make the buying process more efficient. For more information about Orbis Online, Inc., please visit our website at www.OrbisOnline.com, or call (210) 576-7600. Demonstrations of Orbis Online's unique auction platforms are available at the website: www.wsdemo.com or can be facilitated by contacting Orbis Online directly.

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