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Orbis Online inks joint venture with Express Chemical Finance

(San Antonio, Texas) June 13, 2001 - Orbis Online, Inc. ("Orbis") announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Express Chemical Finance, LLC ("Express") for the purpose of marketing real-time reverse auction technology to companies based in the Middle East.
Under the agreement, Orbis will provide the new entity ("OrbisExpress") with its real-time reverse auction technology and conduct the training of the parties' agents, suppliers and buyers.

Express will engage and manage the requisite agent relationships applicable to conducting business in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and other Middle East countries. Express will be the exclusive representative of Orbis and OrbisExpress in the Middle East, for an initial period of 10 years.

"Orbis Online is delighted to announce this joint venture that will provide us with the ability to market our leading online procurement services to a whole new region", said James Strader, CEO of Orbis Online. "We have had great success domestically and in Asia Pacific, and we look forward to achieving the same results for Middle East customers."

Commenting on the new venture, Paul A. Bell, President of Express said, "We are very excited by this opportunity because Orbis' specialized procurement technology can result in immediate and substantial savings for many of Express' customers in the Middle East, including government-managed and large private energy and industrial companies."

About Orbis Online, Inc.
Orbis Online, Inc., headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, offers a patent-pending online competitive bidding tool that significantly reduces the costs of products and services versus traditional procurement methods, and is transforming the traditional competitive bidding process into live, more powerful events worldwide. What makes Orbis Online's value proposition so unique is superior solution functionality combined with no up-front costs and no software installation, but with all the benefits customers can normally only have by buying or developing their own in-house systems.

About Express Chemical Finance, LLC
Express Chemical Finance, LLC, is an investment and finance group specializing in acquiring and licensing proprietary industrial products and technologies and then managing their international marketing and distribution.

Among its products, Express owns technology patents and trademarks of a leading supplier of down-hole completion chemicals and drilling tools sold worldwide by Group 42, Inc. (Group 42), an Express affiliate, under the trade-names: Well Flow and Ezi-Flow. Group 42 has offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Bahrain, and Singapore from which it markets and distributes Well Flow and other products under license and through agents to government and private energy and industrial companies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Unite Arab Emirates and other countries throughout the Middle and Far East.

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