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San Antonio, Texas - November 19, 2002 - The Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) has awarded Orbis Online (Orbis) an exclusive five-year contract to conduct online reverse auctions for all state agencies and other state entities. This contract enables the state to take advantage of leading-edge technology and services that provide tremendous cost-savings.

TBPC is the centralized procurement agency for the state of Texas. As such, it establishes the procurement procedures to be followed by state buying entities. These entities include cities, school districts, head start programs, and many other agencies. In total, the contract currently includes approximately 1500 state buying groups.

"Orbis Online played a key role in establishing reverse auction law in the State of Texas. Since the passage of this law, we have worked closely with TBPC to gain a thorough understanding of their business processes and to ensure adherence to the reverse auction statutes," stated Randy Becker, Public Sector Sales Director of Orbis Online. "Orbis Online is committed to working with state agencies to empower them to use reverse auctioning to achieve significant savings," says Becker.

Reverse auctioning is a proven and powerful savings driver. Orbis estimates that if Texas public sector entities use reverse auctions regularly, the state will save more than one billion dollars over the life of the contract.

Time-to-market was a key element in awarding this contract to Orbis. Orbis specializes in providing full-service and self-service reverse auction solutions when and where they are needed. TBPC proactively took advantage of the favorable terms and conditions of a reverse auction services contract that Orbis was awarded by the University of Texas System.

Cutting edge reverse auction solutions was what attracted both the University of Texas System and TBPC to Orbis Online. The company's solutions allow seamless integration into any website in a matter of minutes, thus branding the reverse auction application with the look and feel of the customer's website. This patent-pending technology is exclusive to Orbis Online.

Orbis further distinguishes itself by providing expertise in sourcing. The company will be identifying and qualifying suppliers and ensuring that they are registered to do business with the State of Texas.

Reverse Auctions Offer Efficiency and Savings
The benefits of reverse auctions are not exclusive to the buyer in a dynamic pricing event. Vendors can also benefit, because they spend less time preparing extensive paper documents for a static one-chance bid. Vendors that participate in reverse auctions benefit by seeing their competitors' bids (without knowing the identify of the bidder) and having the opportunity to submit counter offers to better compete in a transparent market environment, significantly improving their chances to secure the business.

About Orbis Online, Inc.
Orbis Online, Inc., headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, offers patent-pending dynamic competitive pricing tools that significantly reduce the cost of products and services versus historical procurement methods. Orbis transforms the traditional competitive bidding process into more powerful events that are live, online and worldwide. Orbis' value proposition is unique. The superior functionality of the solution includes all the benefits customers can normally experience only by purchasing or developing custom systems and requires no up-front costs or software installation. Orbis Online is a Quality Information Systems Vendor (QISV) for the state of Texas. Vendors that achieve QISV status are pre-approved for use by any state agency or other qualified state entity.
For more information about Orbis Online, Inc., please visit our website at www.OrbisOnline.com, or call (210) 576-7600. Demonstrations of Orbis Online's unique auction platforms are available at the website: www.wsdemo.com or can be facilitated by contacting Orbis Online directly.

About Texas Building and Procurement Commission Cooperative Purchasing Program (TBPC Co-Op)
For Texas governmental entities wishing to learn more about the Texas Building and Procurement Cooperative Purchasing Program (TBPC Co-Op) and use of this contract, please contact Susan Steele at (512) 463-3368 or e-mail at coop@tbpc.state.tx.us.

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