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Real-Time Reverse Auction Solutions for State Governments

State of Texas and the Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC)

The Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) has awarded Orbis Online (Orbis) an exclusive five-year contract to conduct online reverse auctions for all state agencies and other state entities. This contract enables the state to take advantage of leading-edge technology and services that provide tremendous cost-savings. The contract was granted for five years, with two optional extensions of two years each.

Orbis Online is a CISV supplier: www.orbisonline.com/cisv

State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS)

The State of Ohio, through the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), has proactively taken steps to save taxpayer dollars on the goods and services it purchases every day for the citizens of Ohio through the utilization of Reverse Auctions. In August 2003, DAS awarded Orbis Online an exclusive two-year contract to conduct online reverse auctions. Please view the award information on Ohio's website at procure.ohio.gov/proc/viewContractsAwards.

State of South Carolina Contract Number: 04-S6138-A10345

In December 2003, the state of South Carolina's Division Of The State CIO Information Technology Management awarded Orbis Online (Orbis) a contract to provide reverse auctioning services. This 1-year Statewide Term contract allows agencies use both full-service and self-service reverse auctions. All agencies will start out conducting full service events and as agencies become skilled in the process they can make the decision as to when and if they will migrate to a self-service model. Contract implementation will commence at the end of January. South Carolina’s decision to award a statewide term contract allows various state agencies and all political sub divisions within the state the option of using the contract. This 1-year contract has provisions for 4, 1-year options.

To receive additional information regarding contracts mentioned above please email Leonard Buchanan, at info@orbisonline.com, or call at (855) 787-6451 Ext 701.

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