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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Contacting an Orbis Online sales representative is the first step towards generating cost savings for your company. Our sales representative will assist you in deciding what item or items would make the best candidates for conducting successful reverse auctions through use of our platform. You can reach a sales representative by emailing us at sales@orbisonline.com, or by calling us toll free at 866-267-8803.

How can I post a Request for Quotes "RFQ" on my own?

To ensure the highest rate of success possible for your auction, with your assistance and input, Orbis Online will post your first RFQ for you. Once you become familiar with the RFQ process and are comfortable with it, you may be supplied with an Administrative Passcode that will allow you to post your own RFQ's. Of course, Orbis Online is always available to help should you have questions or need further assistance.

As a buyer, how can Orbis Online save me money in the procurement process?

By utilizing Orbis Online's procurement tools and services, you can streamline your company's procurement process, from requisition to final supplier determination, by requesting quotes from a host of potential suppliers together in one online location who will compete for your business. Your procurement process will be accomplished in about 10% of the time it would take utilizing a conventional paper-based process, thereby saving you time and money.

What are the benefits of registering with Orbis Online and participating in bidding events as a supplier?

Once you become a registered supplier with Orbis Online, your company information will be retained in a database. Anytime we receive a RFQ for goods or services that can be supplied by your company, you will be considered for invitation to participate in the bidding event. This brings new business to you through no effort on your part and opens up a worldwide marketplace in which to showcase your goods or services. In addition, suppliers can also use our platform to save money on their own procurements.

Can I sell excess inventories with Orbis Online?

You can utilize the Orbis Online forward auction capability on your own website to sell excess inventories. With our cutting-edge deployment technology, no additional hardware or software are needed to have this functionality available for use on your website.

In addition to procuring goods, can I also conduct reverse auctions for services?

Yes, the Orbis Online platform has proven successful in the procurement of services as well as for goods.

Are there any goods or services that are prohibited from sale or purchase on the Orbis Online website?

Yes, the following goods or services cannot be sold or purchased on the Orbis Online website:

Adult products
Animals and animal parts
Bulk email lists, copyrights, TMs & Your Listing
Counterfeit items
Drugs and drug paraphernalia
Embargoed items
Government Ids and licenses
Human parts and remains
Prescription drugs/materials
Stocks and other securities
Surveillance equipment
TV descramblers

What type of items can be procured through a reverse auction?

Virtually any item that you purchase through a competitive bidding process can be procured using our reverse auction platform.

Who does Orbis Online represent - the buyer or the seller?

Orbis Online is committed to remaining completely neutral throughout the procurement process. Our goal is to provide an online bidding environment that brings buyers and suppliers together and that can be mutually beneficial to both.

How is Orbis Online compensated?

Orbis Online offers several different payment options to buyers and sellers that include but are not limited to: a split of the savings realized by the buyer as a result of utilizing our technology, a percentage of the auction value, or a percentage of the lowest bid received during an auction. Subscription pricing is also available for those who prefer to have the functionality of our platform delivered into their own websites for use and administration by their own staff. Other options are available and negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Why choose Orbis Online?

Orbis Online is proud to offer its customers the latest in cutting-edge e-procurement technologies in a secure online environment. Unlike our competitors, our platform can be utilized in either an Orbis-hosted environment, or via delivery of the complete functionality of our platform for use in any website, anywhere in the world, any time. All this is available to anyone who has Internet access, without the need to purchase additional hardware or software. Your company would either have to purchase a highly expensive software package and employ a team to facilitate procurement events, or would have to develop its own e-commerce solution in order to obtain the same benefits the Orbis Online solutions provide. Either option would require a tremendous outlay of capital and thousands of dedicated man-hours by highly knowledgeable computer applications experts, programmers and sourcing analysts. Expensive hardware and software would be required to host and run your purchased or developed program.

Can government entities utilize Orbis Online's reverse auction services?

Yes. In fact, many cities and states are now mandating the use of reverse auctions for the purchase of goods and services. Our platform has been utilized to facilitate several successful competitive bidding events for government agencies such as the United States Air Force, the City of San Antonio, the City of Orlando, and others.

Can I view a demo of your products?

Yes. Please contact a sales representative at sales@orbisonline.com and they will be happy to direct you to a location where you can view a demonstration of our products. You may also call us toll free at 866-267-8803 to speak directly with a sales representative.

Does Orbis Online provide other technology-related services?

Yes. Orbis Online Technology Services professionals have the ability to assist with short-term or long-term software, hardware or network projects. Our services include:

Web Applications & Architectures
Website/Portal Development
Software Development
Graphic Design
Firewall, Security, and Encryption
Database Development and Admin
International Translations
Project Management
Networking & Administration

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any reason via email at info@orbisonline.com, or by calling us toll free at 866-267-8803. If you are in the San Antonio area, you may reach us locally at 830-980-9085.

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