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Case Studies

Implementation Methods

No two businesses operate the same way. That is why Orbis Online has developed its procurement platform utilizing the latest in XML and DSML technology.

Many of our customers have achieved success by inviting suppliers to participate in competitive bidding events hosted on the Orbis Online website. Buyers and suppliers with Internet access have the capability to take part in this type of hosted event. To begin, all that is required is a simple online registration. No hardware, software or involvement by IT personnel is necessary.

For those businesses that prefer this process be conducted within their web environment, Orbis Online's procurement solutions can be virtually embedded into any customer website within a matter of minutes. Through a simple email, our suite of tools are delivered directly to our customers and can then be seamlessly embedded into their website. The "embedded" tools operate with all the functionality of the Orbis Online hosted events described above, but enable the customer to have complete control over the process. Orbis Online has bridged the gap between disparate platforms and technology. This revolutionary delivery method is an example of Web Services, which is transforming the way businesses interact with each other over the Internet.

For an in depth explanation of what Web Services can do for your business, read the Web Services White Paper in PDF format, or contact us via email at info@orbisonline.com.

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