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Case Studies

Orbis Online's solutions have assisted our clients in achieving significant savings on the purchase of goods and services from a wide range of industries. The continued success of our clients demonstrates that every industry can save money and time in the procurement of goods and services through the use of dynamic pricing.

  A government entity spent several months gathering pricing for a sizeable purchase of desktop personal computers. Through the assistance of Orbis Online, they were able to realize a savings of 32% off quoted pricing they had achieved through their own efforts.

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A large commercial distributor submitted a request to Orbis Online for a semi-annual purchase of copy paper to be delivered to several company locations. The event resulted in a 24% savings versus the client's historical purchase price.

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  A large multinational company engaged Orbis Online to develop a website for the local automotive insurance industry resulting in an extensive online portal that specializes in meeting the client's industry needs.

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An international government entity initiated a request to digitally integrate Orbis Online's reverse auction platform into its existing web portal.

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  An international government-appointed energy provider enlists the assistance of Orbis Online to conduct a real-time reverse auction for network pipe and pipe fittings. Dynamic pricing achieved through Orbis' solution resulted in an 18% savings versus historical purchase price.

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