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Case Studies


Integration of Orbis Online’s auction software into client’s existing website using web services. Sourcing of suppliers and facilitation of reverse auction event.

International government entity

Client Requirements:
Functional website and access to internal servers.

Acknowledging the versatility of Orbis Online’s procurement software, client initiated a request to digitally integrate Orbis Online’s auction software into their existing web portal.

This software integration would allow for the conduction of online procurement and asset disposition events for land, building materials and construction transportation services.

Orbis Online’s auction tools were streamed to a page on the client’s website utilizing standard XML technology. This process, called web services, enables the client to maintain Orbis Online’s suite of procurement tools from their own website, without the purchase of complex hardware, software, or the addition of a specialized IT staff.

Further, because the auction tools are streamed from Orbis Online’s server to the client’s website, the client receives subsequent software upgrades.

Smooth and timely integration of auction tools into client’s website with the assistance of IT personnel from both parties.

Client realized the benefit and convenience of having Orbis Online’s auction software on their existing website and the ease with which it was integrated. Ultimately, this integration allowed for the fluid conduction of several online reverse auction events.


  • The creation of an online marketplace as the result of the integration of Orbis
    Online’s technology suite through standard XML technology.

  • Several million dollars worth of procurement events resulting in 20-30 percent savings versus historical costs.

  • Willingness of client to utilize and expand upon current auction suite.

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