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Standard Forward Auction

The SIBRO™ Plus Standard Forward Auction asset disposition tool operates much like a traditional auction, enabling sellers to showcase their inventory and products before an audience of potential bidders. Over a period of days to weeks, bids are placed on these items until the auction closes and the highest acceptable bid is determined.

The SIBRO™ Plus Standard Forward Auction asset disposition tool can be "injected" individually, or together with other SIBRO™ Plus tools into any website, immediately branding to the look and feel of the customer website



  • Competitive bidding events conducted over the Internet
  • Secure environment for selecting business rules, approving bidder participation and monitoring events
  • Comprehensive registration
  • Menu-driven posting form allows for individual lot and multiple lot auctions
  • Ability to upload images, specifications and other documents
  • Auction Library that permits editing and reposting of saved events as new events
  • "One-click" notification to stored bidders
  • Ability to designate acceptable bid increments
  • Event Clock
  • Bidders may set maximum bid price and system will place bids at increments until maximum bid price is reached
  • Automated award notification
  • Extensive after auction reporting

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