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Comprehensive supplier sourcing, supplier technical training, execution of hosted, real-time reverse auction, generation of extensive post-auction reports.

International Government Entity

Client Requirements:
Internet Access to view the event and access the post auction reports.

The client, approved to design and develop a gas pipeline network, initiated a request for Orbis Online to conduct a real-time reverse auction for
network pipe and pipe fittings.

Upon submission of a Request for Quote, the Orbis Online operations staff posted the RFQ, conducted comprehensive research to identify multiple domestic and international suppliers and submitted the supplier technical solutions to the client for approval.

Following approval, these suppliers were then contacted and trained as to the features and functionality of the real-time reverse auction platform. The one hour and sixty minute event ensured an 18 percent savings versus the current supplier cost for the client. After the close of the auction, comprehensive post auction reports were made available to the client, detailing supplier participation, bid information and other pertinent information. The client carefully reviewed the participants’ bids and formal notification was made to the winning supplier.

A highly effective, hosted real-time auction package consisting of sourcing, state-of-the-art auction technology and in-depth reports detailing every action taken during the event.

Client discovered the ease and effectiveness with which these auctions are run. Provided a stepping-stone for other project specific purchases.


  • 18 percent savings versus current supplier cost.

  • Client confidence with respect to this business model for obtaining dynamic pricing.

  • Client willingness to hold more real-time auction events for various purchases specific to this project and others.

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