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Case Studies


Technology services – creation of an online portal consisting of Orbis Online’s in-house auction tools.

International Government Entity

Client Requirements:
Internet access, in-house server, IT personnel, in-house auction team.

Upon learning of orbis Online’s reverse auction software capabilities, client issued a request for Orbis Online to develop a website for local automotive industry.

The ensuing project resulted in an extensive online portal, containing various components of Orbis Online’s in-house auction tools. This allowed for client to utilize Orbis Online’s reverse auction tool for purposes of bidding out specific insurance claims for automotive repairs and services.

Due to the nature of these insurance claims, the website was designed to accommodate such time sensitive industry specific needs. To date, client has hosted over 1,200 reverse auctions enhancing and streamlining the way client conducts business.

An extensive online portal consisting of Orbis Online’s e-commerce solutions ultimately providing a home for vehicle claim processing and distribution.

Client realized the convenience and efficiency of having these online auction tools at their fingertips. The creation and implementation of this online portal has turned a lengthy process into a one to two day event. The return is much more cost effective than traditional sourcing processes.


  • An extensive and extremely useful online portal.

  • A more time efficient and cost effective means through which to run claims.
    Faster facilitation and distribution of insurance claims.

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