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"All businesses and government agencies face shortages in qualified technical talent at one time or another. Orbis Online Technology Services is one avenue for filling that shortfall on a project by project basis."

- Orbis Online

Services that Help
Orbis Online Technology Services focus on providing premium technology support on a project by project basis.

Proven Successes
Orbis Online Technology Services has proven its capabilities in numerous projects - including the development of leading edge products for its parent Orbis Online and to its clients throughout the world.

With such a wide range of services, shouldn't Orbis Online Technology Services become part of your team?

Our Services Include:
· Web Applications & Architectures
· Website/Portal Development
· Software Development
· Graphic Design
· Firewall, Security, and Encryption
· Database Development and Admin
· International Translations
· Project Management
· Networking & Administration


· JAVA (certified)
· JavaScript
· Cold Fusion
· C++
· Active Server Pages
· Visual Basic
· Visual J++
· Windows 98/ 2000/ NT
· Oracle

· Exchange Server
· Flash
· Photoshop
· M/S (certified)
· Functional Technologist
· 'Double Byte' - International Characters
· International Translations
(Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish)

Orbis Online professionals have the ability to assist with short-term and long-term software, hardware, and network projects. We help overcome difficulties working side by side with your qualified I.T. professionals.

Regardless of the industry you serve, Orbis Online offers unique capabilities to provide you with viable solutions that can be maintained by your own in-house personnel. Orbis Online strives to be the best in providing results that meet your needs.

In-house quality services, without the in-house hassle.

To schedule a consultation, please contact techservices@orbisonline.com

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